Jared Mitchell, Keith Cole and I contributed to this massive project, piloted by Lorna Mills

And then Lorna Mills asked me to be part of this other massive project


My Films

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Year Title Distributor
2008-09 I'm Sorry, Sterling CFMDC
2007 Shit Storm CFMDC
2006 My Father's Idea of Heaven CFMDC
2005 In Cairo CFMDC
2005 Sports Bra CFMDC
2004 Walnut Grove, Mon Amour CFMDC
2004 Hate CFMDC
2002 Rx CFMDC
2002 Feverfew VTape
2001 Perfect VTape
1999-2000 Hard Times Town VTape
1999-2000 Mr. Danvers VTape
1999-2000 Shinto VTape
1999-2000 Dinner\s at 8 VTape
1998 A Gun Makes an Awful Mess VTape
1997 M*A*S*H Notes for Private Kyle Brown VTape